Why I Love Target

I think my family goes to Target at least once week. It would definitely be our family’s favorite store. Even the kids get excited to go. It may sound stupid but we just love it! And here are some of the reasons why:

Amazing Sales/Deals

Overall Target has some fantastic deals that they do. In our house we are big fans of seeing what gift cards they are offering for buying items we would be purchasing anyway. For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, let me explain!

Target gives you free gift cards that you can use in another visit, if you buy merchandise up to a certain amount.

Pink Floor Pillow

Some of our favorites include:

*Receiving a $10 gift card for every $50 spent in groceries (this is definitely my husband’s favorite, he will stock up on items and put them in our chest freezer for later use)

*$10 giftcard for spending $40 on clothes

*$25 giftcard for spending $100 on diapers/wipes

You get the idea!

Here is a list of their current promotions.

Cartwheel App

The Cartwheel App is great for providing you with last minute coupons in items you are already getting. Basically you scan the item’s barcode and if there’s a coupon for it, it’ll save it on your app. If there are multiple items with coupons it combines them into one barcode that the cashier scans (rather than having several coupons with a ton of different barcodes). Grocery items often come up with a 5% off coupon, which is always a surprise. usually end up scanning the items in the checkout line right before I cash out 😂.

Good Customer Service

The coupon deals reminds me of Target’s great customer service. Recently I scanned a bunch of items with the Cartwheel App and forgot to show the cashier. I went over to customer service and they gave me (in cash) the amount I saved with the coupon. ALSO if you don’t have a receipt and want return something, you can return it for store credit, up to a certain amount per year.

Great Home Products/Decor

So this is the one that really makes me love Target! I love their decor. I am currently decorating Vaughn’s bedroom with many items from Target, they seriously have the cutest kids items (I love their kids clothes too! Especially the little boy clothes 😍).

Also I am obsessing over their Project 62 line and their Opalhouse home decor line. Here are some home items I’m currently obsessing over:

Velvet Throw Pillows

Gorgeous Rattan Chair

Rattan Ottoman

Loving this pink floor pillow which we bought (see Lula above). 💕

Cutest Serving Bowls

Mid-Century Inspired Chair

This sofa is everything!

In love with basically everything in this photo!

Target really has great mid century reproductions right now, their deals are killer and they have everything in one spot. The only complaint I have is that I tend to get sucked into the “Target black hole” and you end up leaving with way more than you intended on leaving with!


5 thoughts on “Why I Love Target

  1. Target is like LIFE! I can’t get enough of going to Target. Everyday my son asks, “are we going to target today?” It’s so sad that some days I have to tell him no, because of the urge I have to buy everything in store. LOL Love this post girl! Right on!!!!!


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