Holiday Home Tour 2017

Christmas is my favorite holiday! Here are some photos of my home decorated for this special season!

I love our faux Christmas tree this year. In past years I had put up an all white faux tree. This year my parents gave me their vintage tree from 1976 which was passed to them from my God parents. The look is perfect and I love how bushy the branches are. It’s perfect in our new living room.

I always make sure to include a nativity in our home. This is an antique ceramic set. I love that it’s where the kids can see it and have a constant reminder of why we celebrate Christmas!

Love the simplicity of our bedroom right now with fresh greens from our outside fir trees. Also I’m obsessed with the round cranberry velvet pillow!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my home during this season! Enjoy the holiday, Merry Christmas!

Links to where I purchased some of the items above:

Similar Glitter Cone Trees

Gold Wire Tree Ribbon

Velvet Throw Pillow

Similar Gray Ruffle Throw Blanket

White Ruffle Bedskirt

White Chambray Ruffle Comforter Set


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