Christmas Tree Shopping

Through my childhood we often went out and bought fresh cut Christmas trees for the holiday season, probably until I was around 12 years old and then my parents switched to getting a fake tree. For many years now my husband, Josh and I have put up a faux tree at Christmas time. Last Christmas we discussed getting a real tree but Vaughn was a younger baby and we were worried about him putting tree needles in his mouth so we omitted getting a real tree just yet.

My sister; however, still gets a real tree every year the day following Thanksgiving. Last year we went with her which started a fun new tradition for us.

This past Saturday we went to Pacing Pine Tree Farm in Shirley, MA to pick out a tree for this holiday season! My husband was out hunting so just the kids and I and my parents went. My sister likes the fattest trees possible. It seemed to take forever to select one that was “just right”.

Once the tree was cut, bound and put in the back of the truck we headed to my sisters to decorate.

Every time my family gets together we always break out the cheese and crackers and wine. Lula loved helping decorate the tree with the lights, garland and ornaments. We shared many laughs especially with the kids dancing around stuffed characters singing Christmas songs (you may have seen a couple videos of this in my instagram stories)! We ended the evening with “Christmas Vacation” and admiration of the newly decorated tree.

Our drive home from my sisters is beautiful with a rural setting of winding roads, woods and houses decked out with Christmas lights. The kids always fall asleep on the way home so we prepare by putting them in their pajamas and brushing their teeth before we leave. Although we only started this activity last year, we look forward to doing for years to come. Maybe next year we will get a real tree for our own home! What are some of your favorite Christmas or family traditions?


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