Family Camping Adventure

My family and I just went on our first family camping trip. In a tent!
We live in New Hampshire and my husband and I were debating where we wanted to go. He was dead set on camping and wanted to do 5 nights and I was willing to compromise with 3 nights camping, 2 nights in a hotel. However this ended up turning into 6 nights straight camping! I knew my husband was really looking forward to it, so I agreed.

We decided on staying in the White Mountains of New Hampshire so it wouldn’t be too far away from home. (Compared to say, Virginia Beach, where we were thinking of going).

Based on a recommendation from a friend we stayed at Ammonoosuc Campground. The rates were excellent, staff friendly and the restrooms SO clean! There is a pool, playground and laundry on site. 

Saturday Day 1

We arrived at our campsite around 5pm. We began setting up the tent and the air mattresses and organizing our clothing bags. I brought the kids to the playground while Josh set up the tarp over the tent since there was rain in the forecast. It started getting dark and we didn’t have dinner yet. I ended up making something fast on our propane stove we brought. So at 8 pm everyone had macaroni and cheese. At that point we didn’t care, our bellies were filled so we brushed our teeth and went to bed.  

Sunday Day 2

Our second day of vacation we drove up to Conway, NH about 50 minutes from our campsite. It is the cutest little town with stores, ski slopes, an adorable little downtown area with eateries and antique stores. We ate lunch at “Beef and Ski” and they had amazing onion rings! Once we were back at the campsite Lula played with a new friend she made and for dinner we had simple hamburgers and hot dogs and s’mores for dessert. 

Monday Day 3

Monday morning we woke up, had eggs and bacon for breakfast and went into the town of Littleton, NH. We had some necessities to pick up at a couple stores then walked in the downtown area. Again, super cute with eateries and little shops. We stopped at a local thrift store and nabbed some dresses for Lula and I. We went to one of our favorite places for lunch, Schilling Beer Co. They make amazing pizza in their wood-fired oven and their beer selection is amazing.

(How great is this bar and bar stools at Schilling?! 😍)

We planned on doing some hiking while in the white mountains but forgot to borrow our friends baby hiking carrier, so we ended up buying a new Osprey one from EMS. A bit pricey but so worth it, Vaughn loves it and it has great storage.
One we arrived back at the campsite we ate some kielbasa, Lula had a hot dog and we all had more s’mores. They’re a camping necessity (I love them so much sometimes I make them in the microwave at home 😂).

Tuesday Day 4

On our way to Conway we had driven by a sign that said “Diana’s Baths”, so on Tuesday we decided to go check it out. The parking area is pretty small and fills up quickly so we parked down the street a little bit where they had parking for $10. It is a .6 mile hike up to the bath (about .75 mile from where we parked). Lula wore her water shoes on the hike so she had some blisters and was miserable by the time we got there, along with getting some sunscreen in her eye. 

Once we were there though it was amazing and beautiful. Although the water was freezing we really enjoyed it, Vaughn didn’t seem to mind the cold at all! We would have liked to stay longer but since Lula was having a rough day we left earlier than we had planned. 

Wednesday Day 5

On Wednesday we visited the Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch. There is about a 2 mile hike around the gorge so we were able to use the new Osprey Pack to carry Vaughn in. For those who may not know, the Flume Gorge is natural rock with waterfalls, it developed millions of years ago and it is just so interesting! Truly an amazing experience. Along the little hike there are also many large glacial boulders and little cavern areas that you can walk into and take pictures of. 

We bought the discovery pass which also included a trip in a gondola to the top of Cannon Mountain. The view at the top was incredible. We followed a trail leading around the station and up to the top of the observation deck. Josh and I also enjoyed a beer on top where “New Hampshite’s highest tap” is located. 

Thursday Day 6 

On our last actual day of camping we went back to North Conway to enjoy the small town. We started with donuts and coffee at a local coffee shop, stopped at the community center playground, went into some small shops and went to the outlet mall. It was still a relaxing day and I scored some deals for Lula’s back to school clothes. 

That evening we had baked potatoes and listened to some bluegrass music by the campfire. 

The next morning we packed up everything and stopped at a local diner on the way home. My clothes were filthy and I didn’t bother doing my hair or makeup. Once we arrived at home I immediately took a nice hot shower and then bathed the kids. They had showers at the campground but it seemed we were dirty immediately following. 
Overall it was a nice trip with the family. It was great to be (mostly) away from television and other distractions. It feels so victorious to know we spent 6 nights in a tent with our two young children. I encourage others to do the same and to experience some natural beautiful locations our world has to offer!


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