A Day In The Life – Summer Edition

Living in the northeast of the U.S. means being able to fully enjoy all the seasons. Sometimes though it seems that winter seems to last so long and Summer is always way too short. Many weekends in the summer are jam packed with visiting relatives, cookouts and fun summertime events. Being a full time working mom also makes it so we want to really use our weekends to the fullest! During the week I still like to make everyday and moment with my children special. Here is a little glimpse into a weekday for us in the Summer.

I wake up in the morning, situate Lula with breakfast and put on a movie for her. Usually she ends up playing with her toys or putting her clothes on for the day while I get ready for work. Vaughn is still snoozing, if he wakes up I’ll get his breakfast ready as well.
Last Summer I was fortunate to be home with the kids since Vaughn was still little and I was on maternity leave. This Summer my parents have been up from Florida to help take care of the kids while I’m working. Luckily I only work about 7 minutes from home right now.

Once ready for the day I quickly eat breakfast, pack my lunch (which I should prepare the night before…still working on that), kiss the kids and head out to work, usually stopping at the local coffee shop to get an iced coffee.

When my work day is complete I either meet my parents and the kids at the park where the town pool is, for Lula’s swim lessons or at home depending on what time they start. While at swim lessons we enjoy being out side and meeting and conversing with the other parents. The kids always want to stay and play at the park, it’s a great place to visit with friends and is always busy and fun.

(Links for Vaughn’s Onesie and Moccasins)

We also take a walk either before or after going to the park. After swim lessons we have dinner, which is honestly made up on the spot last minute. I need to start meal prepping more! And while we are being honest, we do have pizza once a week (which everyone loves!)

Since week days are so busy we make sure to spend a lot of time together doing fun things on the weekend!


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