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Lula’s Birth Story

My baby girl, my first born, is 5 years old today! I’ve had the intention for years of writing down her birth story before I forget any little details. 5 years later I still remember everything! Happy birthday Lula!
I worked until the day before I went into labor. I am a seamstress by trade and at the time was doing many sewing projects at my place of employment. I had such a strong feeling that the next day I wouldn’t be at work and remember telling my coworkers where I was leaving off in the instance they needed to finish the task I was working on incase I was not there the following day. 

It was a Wednesday at 4am in the morning. I woke up with some noticeable wetness and waddled towards the bathroom. A trickle continued down my leg and I woke up my husband to let him know we needed to call the doctor. 
Initially I called the Birthing center at the hospital, which they recommended I wait until 8 am, when the doctors’ office opened. I wasn’t having contractions or in pain so we waited until they opened to call. I couldn’t go back to sleep so my mom (who was staying with us, waiting for the impending birth of her first grandchild) and I made cookies while we waited. 
Once the OB office opened they said to go right in. After the doctor examined me he said that my water did not break and I was only dilated 1 cm! He sent me on my way and I was so disappointed, I cried on the way home. Still not sure if it was just a pinhole and water was escaping but either way something was happening. My husband, Josh, went to work and I went home with my mom. We watched a little tv and ordered subs, eggplant for me which I heard was good for inducing labor. My mom went to pick up the subs and knocked on the back door on our deck to get in. As I was getting up to let her in I felt a pain in my side which then quickly subsided. Another came and went away. “That’s a contraction!”, my mother exclaimed excitedly! And I was so relieved and excited as well!

A little time went on and the pain of the contractions increased. We were right down the duration of each one and time in between. We went up stairs and I put my swimsuit on and sat in a hot bath to help ease the pain, then moved into the spare room and laid on a blue air mattress (I don’t know why I was there and not my bed 😂). I called Josh and he came home shortly after, on the way he picked up an infant car seat because I insisted we get an infant one instead of starting with the convertible one we bought (nothing like waiting until the last minute!)
Once Josh arrived my contractions were 5 min apart and a minute long, so I had him call the OB office and they had me go right in. Upon being checked by Dr. Levine I was 3cm dilated, yay! Time to go to the birthing suite. The nursing staff were so great and accommodating and our room was great. I wanted to labor in my own clothing and had requested a dimly lit room for when it was time to deliver. 

Pain increased and I went from bed to chair, to walking around. At one point I labored in the tub at the hospital and Josh brought his swimsuit so he could be in there also and support me. They offered me a popsicle and I must have passed it to Josh, as he was enjoying the popsicle a contraction was coming on and all I yelled was “HELP ME!” and threw the popsicle across the room. We laughed about it after the whole ordeal but I was a beast during labor. No one was allowed to talk during a contraction. My mom had been helping and after the tub room we went back into our regular room and she was on the phone and I totally yelled at her for it. 
After 11 hours of labor I opted for an epidural. Josh held me and helped me breath through the contractions so they could insert the port. After that it was almost instant relief! They wrapped me in blankets because I was freezing, Josh fell asleep for a couple hours on the pull out couch in our hospital suite and I was able to get rest and sleep off and on when I wasn’t watch the baby’s heartbeat monitor. After about 3 hours the nurses checked me and told me it was time to push!
I pushed for 40 min and she was here! My mom was holding a flash light since I requested a dimly lit room and she was one of the first people who saw Lula enter the world. Josh held my left leg during the pushes and cut the umbilical cord. The nurses suctioned her nose and mouth and she was placed on my chest. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and I said “Hi my love! I’m your momma!” She was born at 4:30 in the morning on October 11, 2012 after 15 hours of labor. She was 7 lbs 14 oz and 20″ long. Pure perfection and we fell so in love.

We both took to nursing right away and our bond was forever sealed. This precious little life taught me how to love like I never knew possible and has made me a better person in so many ways! Life before Lula pales in comparison to the life of motherhood I live now. 

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl, mommy is always here to support you and pick you up when you fall. May you always fill the hearts of those you meet and enrich lives of others with your vibrant personality. Stay true to yourself and always know that you are so SO loved! 💗

“Until one becomes a mother, no one can ever tell you what it will feel like to love someone else so deeply and profoundly that you will rejoice when they rejoice, ache when they ache, feel what they feel – even without ever speaking a word.”~ Jennifer Quinn

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Dublin NH Vintage Bazaar

In creating this blog I really wanted to share about my family’s life as well as share about my vintage lifestyle, hence the name “A Vintage Mama”. I’ve touched a lot on being a mama but not as much on the vintage aspect. 

This weekend my family and I went to the Dublin Vintage Bazaar in Dublin, NH. This year was the first time it was put on, first in the spring and now in September. It is hosted by The Vintage Label Company, a vintage clothing and accessory dealer. Their set up is great, an old box truck newly painted with loads of clothing inside as well as jewelry, hats and other accessories. More antiques and goodies are displayed outside. 

When you first enter the Bazaar you are greeted with the Vintage Label Company’s box truck as well as several food trucks set up in a little food court. The food is amazing. There is generally a wait so it’s best to put your name in and check out some nearby vendors while you wait.In the first row there are a lot of industrial type antiques, wooden crates and authentic galvanized tubs. 

Some vendors have older, early 1900s antiques and others have great treasures from the 50s and some memorabilia from the 1980s. Many have themes like children’s  books and planters from the 1950s and 60s that you can picture being in an old nursery. 

There were also some great collections of vintage clothing, one of my personal favorites to keep my eye out for when I go to antique fairs and flea markets.

We went as a family, the whole event is very family oriented and they even have face painting for the kids! If it wasn’t so incredibly hot the day we went, I would have had Lula’s face painted. There was also an antique car show going on there as well which was fun to check out and really helps to bring out a wider variety of people!

I walked through each row and then went back to my favorites in the first row. This time around I purchased an aqua snowflake on white background pyrex casserole fish (with lid!) and an all over black shorter casserole dish with white snowflakes and the lid. I am so excited to add these to my growing pyrex collection! 

Also while going around I scored an adorable children’s book to 1 dollar- “Alphabet Circus”.

I’m looking forward to the next Dublin Vintage Bazaar in the spring which I’m hoping to be a vendor at, selling many mid century items!

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Fall Fun at the Orchard

Autumn is quickly approaching us, it is getting darker sooner, cooler weather is starting to trickle in and leaves are even beginning to change. 

One of our family’s favorite fall adventures is heading to our local orchard, Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard in Greenville, NH. It’s pretty close to our home and they have a great selection of pick your own apples. There are also a variety of candies, seasonal decor, and bags of already picked apples available in the gift shop which always smells amazing with fresh baked goods.

We went this past Monday, Labor Day, which was only their 3rd day of being open this season. The kids had a blast riding in the tractor pulled hay ride which brings you to the area to pick the apples. 

We picked mostly macintosh and cortlands. Everyone had some samples. Before we left I grabbed an old fashioned cream soda and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I love Autumn and cannot wait for more fall festivities to enjoy!

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Family Camping Adventure

My family and I just went on our first family camping trip. In a tent!
We live in New Hampshire and my husband and I were debating where we wanted to go. He was dead set on camping and wanted to do 5 nights and I was willing to compromise with 3 nights camping, 2 nights in a hotel. However this ended up turning into 6 nights straight camping! I knew my husband was really looking forward to it, so I agreed.

We decided on staying in the White Mountains of New Hampshire so it wouldn’t be too far away from home. (Compared to say, Virginia Beach, where we were thinking of going).

Based on a recommendation from a friend we stayed at Ammonoosuc Campground. The rates were excellent, staff friendly and the restrooms SO clean! There is a pool, playground and laundry on site. 

Saturday Day 1

We arrived at our campsite around 5pm. We began setting up the tent and the air mattresses and organizing our clothing bags. I brought the kids to the playground while Josh set up the tarp over the tent since there was rain in the forecast. It started getting dark and we didn’t have dinner yet. I ended up making something fast on our propane stove we brought. So at 8 pm everyone had macaroni and cheese. At that point we didn’t care, our bellies were filled so we brushed our teeth and went to bed.  

Sunday Day 2

Our second day of vacation we drove up to Conway, NH about 50 minutes from our campsite. It is the cutest little town with stores, ski slopes, an adorable little downtown area with eateries and antique stores. We ate lunch at “Beef and Ski” and they had amazing onion rings! Once we were back at the campsite Lula played with a new friend she made and for dinner we had simple hamburgers and hot dogs and s’mores for dessert. 

Monday Day 3

Monday morning we woke up, had eggs and bacon for breakfast and went into the town of Littleton, NH. We had some necessities to pick up at a couple stores then walked in the downtown area. Again, super cute with eateries and little shops. We stopped at a local thrift store and nabbed some dresses for Lula and I. We went to one of our favorite places for lunch, Schilling Beer Co. They make amazing pizza in their wood-fired oven and their beer selection is amazing.

(How great is this bar and bar stools at Schilling?! 😍)

We planned on doing some hiking while in the white mountains but forgot to borrow our friends baby hiking carrier, so we ended up buying a new Osprey one from EMS. A bit pricey but so worth it, Vaughn loves it and it has great storage.
One we arrived back at the campsite we ate some kielbasa, Lula had a hot dog and we all had more s’mores. They’re a camping necessity (I love them so much sometimes I make them in the microwave at home 😂).

Tuesday Day 4

On our way to Conway we had driven by a sign that said “Diana’s Baths”, so on Tuesday we decided to go check it out. The parking area is pretty small and fills up quickly so we parked down the street a little bit where they had parking for $10. It is a .6 mile hike up to the bath (about .75 mile from where we parked). Lula wore her water shoes on the hike so she had some blisters and was miserable by the time we got there, along with getting some sunscreen in her eye. 

Once we were there though it was amazing and beautiful. Although the water was freezing we really enjoyed it, Vaughn didn’t seem to mind the cold at all! We would have liked to stay longer but since Lula was having a rough day we left earlier than we had planned. 

Wednesday Day 5

On Wednesday we visited the Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch. There is about a 2 mile hike around the gorge so we were able to use the new Osprey Pack to carry Vaughn in. For those who may not know, the Flume Gorge is natural rock with waterfalls, it developed millions of years ago and it is just so interesting! Truly an amazing experience. Along the little hike there are also many large glacial boulders and little cavern areas that you can walk into and take pictures of. 

We bought the discovery pass which also included a trip in a gondola to the top of Cannon Mountain. The view at the top was incredible. We followed a trail leading around the station and up to the top of the observation deck. Josh and I also enjoyed a beer on top where “New Hampshite’s highest tap” is located. 

Thursday Day 6 

On our last actual day of camping we went back to North Conway to enjoy the small town. We started with donuts and coffee at a local coffee shop, stopped at the community center playground, went into some small shops and went to the outlet mall. It was still a relaxing day and I scored some deals for Lula’s back to school clothes. 

That evening we had baked potatoes and listened to some bluegrass music by the campfire. 

The next morning we packed up everything and stopped at a local diner on the way home. My clothes were filthy and I didn’t bother doing my hair or makeup. Once we arrived at home I immediately took a nice hot shower and then bathed the kids. They had showers at the campground but it seemed we were dirty immediately following. 
Overall it was a nice trip with the family. It was great to be (mostly) away from television and other distractions. It feels so victorious to know we spent 6 nights in a tent with our two young children. I encourage others to do the same and to experience some natural beautiful locations our world has to offer!

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Working Mom Blues

So I’m having a rough week. I’m trying to be strong and convince myself that being a working mom isn’t so bad, but it sucks. My heart hurts. I want to be home with my children so bad. My son is only 16 months and I so desperately want to be with him and snuggle during the day, watch his smiles and giggles, rather than just picturing it in my mind. 

As I sit in my car on my lunch break I have no appetite and tears just keep running down my face. I have 17 more minutes to pull myself together and put on a happy face before returning to work. 

So it’s time for a pep talk. I will review my “7 tips for working moms”, a blog post I’ve been working on for other moms in a similar position. Some of it I struggle to listen to myself but hope it will help someone, including me. Just thinking I only have 3.5 hours more of this work day until I’m with my babies. 

It’s time to touch up my make up and listen to some comedy as I work, which is a perfect distraction as I try not to think about what makes me sad. If you’re in a similar position just know you are not alone. We are in this together and I know what you are going through. 

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Sweet Italian Sausage Vegetable Soup Recipe

Soup is always a perfect meal for a rainy day, even if it’s summertime! We had a rainy day this past weekend and while to come up with something easy and delicious for dinner, I settled on soup. Here is one of my favorite recipes. You can really switch out a lot of the veggies for ones you happen to have in your house. This is what I happened to have on hand and the soup came out great! I will definitely be making more of this soup in the upcoming months as the weather gets colder!


1 lb sweet Italian sausage 

1 tbs butter

2 cups cubed Zucchini 

1/2 large onion 

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1/2 cup corn 

4 cups beef broth (or bullion cubes)

Pinch of salt and pepper

1/2 tsp thyme

1/2 tsp parsley

1/2 tsp garlic powder 

1 cup spinach (fresh or frozen, I used frozen)

1 1/2 cups pasta (I used spirals) 


1. Cook sausage on med heat in a medium/large pan. (I used this pan by Pinoneer Woman). Drain fat.

2. In a large stock pot, place a tablespoon of butter on med heat, add zucchini, and onion and cook until tender. (You can also add carrots as well, I just didn’t have any on hand. Once tender add minced garlic and corn.

3. Add cooked sausage.

4. Broth can now be added along with the thyme, parsley, and garlic powder. Bring to light boil.

5. Add pasta and spinach. Cook until pasta is tender, then serve. Goes great with a nice garden-fresh salad!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, please let me know what you think!

Xoxo, Kelly Szmyt (aka A Vintage Mama)

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A Day In The Life – Summer Edition

Living in the northeast of the U.S. means being able to fully enjoy all the seasons. Sometimes though it seems that winter seems to last so long and Summer is always way too short. Many weekends in the summer are jam packed with visiting relatives, cookouts and fun summertime events. Being a full time working mom also makes it so we want to really use our weekends to the fullest! During the week I still like to make everyday and moment with my children special. Here is a little glimpse into a weekday for us in the Summer.

I wake up in the morning, situate Lula with breakfast and put on a movie for her. Usually she ends up playing with her toys or putting her clothes on for the day while I get ready for work. Vaughn is still snoozing, if he wakes up I’ll get his breakfast ready as well.
Last Summer I was fortunate to be home with the kids since Vaughn was still little and I was on maternity leave. This Summer my parents have been up from Florida to help take care of the kids while I’m working. Luckily I only work about 7 minutes from home right now.

Once ready for the day I quickly eat breakfast, pack my lunch (which I should prepare the night before…still working on that), kiss the kids and head out to work, usually stopping at the local coffee shop to get an iced coffee.

When my work day is complete I either meet my parents and the kids at the park where the town pool is, for Lula’s swim lessons or at home depending on what time they start. While at swim lessons we enjoy being out side and meeting and conversing with the other parents. The kids always want to stay and play at the park, it’s a great place to visit with friends and is always busy and fun.

(Links for Vaughn’s Onesie and Moccasins)

We also take a walk either before or after going to the park. After swim lessons we have dinner, which is honestly made up on the spot last minute. I need to start meal prepping more! And while we are being honest, we do have pizza once a week (which everyone loves!)

Since week days are so busy we make sure to spend a lot of time together doing fun things on the weekend!


Welcome to Our New Home

Welcome to our new home! We are the Szmyt Family and we live in a small town in New Hampshire. My husband, Josh and I just bought our first single-family home and I am so excited to share it with you! 

My aesthetic is an interesting mix between mid century farmhouse cottage. I am a big antiques collector and love to showcase my favorite items in my home. I also have an Etsy shop for items that I love but that don’t really fit into my decor.
 For the past several years I was really big into collecting mid century items everything from the 50s and 60s but I’ve kind of adopted the whole farmhouse cottage look and I’m finding a way to integrate my favorite pieces from the 1950s into a vintage cottage appearance.
There are a few reproduction pieces that I own, this bakery sign being one of them. It was made locally by a woman in a surrounding town. I love the simplicity and clean lines in this piece. 

A staple in my kitchen that I use all the time is my pink Kenmore mixer! My husband hit the nail on the head with this as a gift for a birthday/Valentine’s day gift one year (since my birthday falls close to V-day. 
For awhile I’ve been wanting a coffee bar, so when we moved into our home I was so excited to put one together and this wood panel accent wall is a great location for it. This is our current set up for it but will change as I gather just the right pieces.

So I collect a lot of vintage dishware, specifically aqua and pink Pyrex (our sugar container is aqua Amish Cinderella Pyrex 😍), Jadite and Hazel Atlas. I scored this amazing 8 piece aqua Hazel Atlas crinoline set for only $10 this past weekend! I have a larger set in pink but I rarely find the aqua, mega find!

I bought this cute little sign at a store in Milford, NH called Robin’s Egg. It’s definitely reproduction but I thought it was sweet and fitting. 

Here is our window sill in our downstairs bathroom/Laundry room. Since we just moved things aren’t exactly in their permanent locations, but I found this particular setup to be content and serene. Old jars and bottles are so much fun to look for at flea markets and antique stores and have such a story to tell.

Last weekend at the first Dublin Vintage Bazaar in Dublin, NH, put on my the Vintage Label Company. I picked up this great 24 space antique crate. It was used for Pepsi (which you can faintly see the logo for on the sides). Again, not in its permanent position but I will be placing it on a wall to hold my 5ml essential oils. It’s a lot of fun to repurpose older items and give them new purpose!

At the May 2017 Brimfield Antique Show, I purchased two antique style trellis decorations. I’m not sure if these are true antiques or reproduction. The man selling them had a TON of them. It kind of feels like chalk paint on them. Anyway, very cute and I love the look, and they were only $25 each. I am waiting on a piece to put between them before putting on my living room wall. 

So there’s a glimpse into some of my home decor! I can’t wait to post more as I continue to find treasures. Stay tuned to hear about my favorite antique stores and markets in the New England area! Excited to share my finds with everyone!